Building Multi-Sector Coalitions to Advance Policy Goals

Location: Studio B
Date: Tue, April 16
Time: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Organizer: Opportunity Starts at Home

The complexities of modern-day social challenges require us to look beyond our respective silos and acknowledge our multi-sector interdependencies. The issues we face – from housing to education to healthcare to civil rights – are often too difficult for one sector to solve alone. Presenters will discuss an unprecedented national campaign called Opportunity Starts at Home, which is deploying unique multi-sector partnerships to advance federal policies which expand affordable housing for the most vulnerable low-income households. Using the campaign as an example, presenters will discuss lessons learned, best practices, and the challenges of building multi-sector coalitions. Participants will then break into small interactive groups to apply these generalized lessons to their own context. Working in small groups, participants will brainstorm how they can develop and deploy “unusual suspects” to advance their own field of work.

Capacity Building –– Sponsored by TD Bank